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Free MovieDB is an application that allows you to create your own cinema database with only the moves that you like most within a relatively small amount of time.

To add movies you only have to search their name on the right part of the interface and add them to your collection on the right. Once this is done, you can revise all of the information concerning the movie like the director, screenwriter, actors, producers, etc. But also in the rest of the tabs you can access all of the available posters for the film in high definition (for Inception, for example, there are more than forty), as well as desktop backgrounds or trailers.

So, the application not only serves to keep a record of the movies that you have or see, but also gives you the option to access pretty interesting material from them in a very comfortable way.

Free Movie DB is an excellent application for film aficionados, as it allows them to access a ton of information about their favorite movies. And the database is not exactly small... except for some very obscure titles, almost all of the films searched for can be found without problems.
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